June 23, 2020
Types Of Office Flooring

The choice of flooring you choose for your new, or renovated, working space can be crucial. Things you need to consider are comfort, noise reduction, ease of clean, durability and cost. 

Types of Office Flooring

The choice of flooring you choose for your new, or renovated, working space can be crucial. Things you need to consider are comfort, noise reduction, ease of clean, durability and cost. 

If the space is mostly functional, then consideration for people that are going to spend a long time in the space needs to be considered. If the space is predominantly going to be seen by clients, then you may wish for something that is more pleasing to look at rather than its functionality. When deciding on flooring remember the harder the surface the more noise travels and this includes walking.

In general, a working space can actually have many different types of flooring and you do not need to settle on one particular type. Here are some common types of flooring that you’ll find in most office spaces.


Carpets are the most common type of flooring. It’s easy to walk on and provides warmth and comfort for most rooms. However, maintenance can be high when compared to other types of flooring, as it needs to be cleaned regularly.

There are many choices when it comes to carpet selection. You would find it hard not to find something that suits your style or colour choices. You can choose between carpet tiles or laid carpet. In office situations carpet tiles are preferred as high traffic areas can be easily replaced when wear and tear is evident.

For high traffic areas, carpet has a lower durability rating when compared to other types of flooring. The cost of carpet can vary greatly, as you have many options available, including source materials and longevity.


Laminate flooring is on trend at the moment and a popular choice for many office spaces. It is reasonably easy to install, and offers limited maintenance and durability. It is usually a quieter surface and more comfortable to walk on than hardwood flooring, and depending on the supplier, many can look very close to natural hardwood.

One drawback for laminate flooring is that it can be difficult to repair when it is damaged, and many types are not waterproof. It would be recommended that only waterproof variations are installed in areas that may see a lot of water spills, such as kitchen areas.


Vinyl is an excellent option if you have a work space that sees a lot of foot traffic. It is highly durable, and usually the cheapest option available. Huge resurgence in the market and your colour and style options are increasing to meet the demand.

The maintenance need for laminate flooring is minimal, but if the wrong equipment is used laminate can be damaged. Laminate flooring is suitable for most areas, and it is a quieter surface to walk on than laminate and hardwood floors.


Hardwood flooring can be expensive, but there are cheaper options such as composite flooring, this uses a thin piece of hardwood glued to a cheaper material, such as plywood.

Generally, hardwood flooring creates a feel of open and natural spaces and employees often feel better about the place that they work. Hardwood flooring has a very stylish feel, it is durable and requires minimal cleaning. It can be perfect to create a space that people enjoy being in.


The primary advantage of rubber flooring is that it is extremely springy. This makes it comfortable to walk, stand, and work on. It is often installed in environments like hospitals, retail stores, and kitchens because people spend a lot of time on their feet in these businesses, and a springy floor can make their work more comfortable. It also reduces the risk of injuries which can be caused by standing on hard flooring for extended periods of time. Flooring specifically designed for the purpose of easing strain on the feet and legs is sometimes called anti-fatigue flooring.

If you need any further information on flooring for your office space make contact today and we will assist you with many options that suit your space.

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