June 2, 2020
Office Partitions Explained

Bild. take the time to break down the basics of office partitions…. you’ll be an expert in a minute!

Bild. take the time to break down the basics of office partitions…. you’ll be an expert in a minute!

A quick read of this and you will understand all the different types of partitions, that will assist you when talking to Bild about your next Melbourne office fitout.

Office partitions provide not only privacy, they also allow for flexible office layout and optimise office space.

Deciding which type of office partitions to choose will depend on the type of business you run and the level of privacy and/or security you require. You’ll also want to consider other factors such as the natural lighting in your office space, acoustics and fire-retardance needs.


Full height glass partitions allow for maximum distribution of natural light and provide a modern minimalist, open and airy look and feel to an office space. If privacy is an issue, this can be achieved by using frosted glass, or coloured glass, which will still allow light penetration.

Glass partitions are quick to install and perfect for creating small office spaces within a larger area.


Plaster partitions are more permanent than glass partitions. Plaster partitions provide greater noise (acoustic) insulation and are able to conceal electric wiring, cabling or plumbing. An added feature of plaster partitions is the ability for them to be painted to match existing décor or allow for feature walls.

Plaster partitions also allow for fixing of items such as shelving or artwork, this is something we will talk about later in the week.

Wall art is another option to put on full height plaster partitions, Bild has a wide variety of samples to provide if it interests you.


Partitions constructed of part plaster and part glass might be the best option for partition walls in your office space as they allow for light penetration and some privacy, as well as allow cabling, wiring and plumbing to be installed in the lower plaster partitions sections.

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