June 9, 2020
Does Art Have An Affect On Staff In An Office?

We are always asked at Bild, does having fine art in a workplace help with productivity and is it an option we should consider? We will come back to our answer later.

Does art have an affect on staff in an office?

We are always asked at Bild, does having fine art in a workplace help with productivity and is it an option we should consider?  We will come back to our answer later.

It may be difficult to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI)as a dollar figure towards productivity but it would give you a Return on Environment(ROE) as there are subtle but valuable benefits workplaces art can bring to a corporate culture.

The purpose of fine art is for aesthetics, or beautifying the space.  Having culture in the workplace can improve workplace culture itself... It leaves a lasting impression both on the employees who see it day after day, and on clients who visit either once or frequently.  Art is important in the branding of a company's image as well as creating a pleasant and inspiring environment.

Studies consistently come back with the following positives:

Boosting creativity - It can interest and inspire certain artistically oriented individuals who will find the artwork a pleasure to be around.

Helping reduce stress - The relaxing, contemplative aspects of art can help lower the stress levels of what we all recognize can be a high-stress setting.

This is what having art in the workplace is all about. It’s less about the aesthetics and more about pride in one’s environment, it shows management cares enough about the employee experience and the customer experience, to have thoughtfully maintained facility that people feel good about working in.

Which to me is where Return on Environment starts becoming tangible.  Employees want to feel good about where they work.  They want their physical location to be a source of pride.

Pride motivates and that's good business.

So we do recommend art in your office, but we don’t recommend posters that say “Please be aware of the energy you bring to the office” as they have no positive affects at all.

Art can also be rented, not all art is purchased and Bild can assist with any art requirements if required.

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